Uh oh 😨

December 20-31 I became incontinent and wearing full on poise. Had a lot of back and flank pain in my lower back and sides

It can wreak havoc on your quality of life if you allow it too. People will stop travelling, being social because of the embarrassment of wearing briefs.

I felt so humiliated as I would never thought this would happen to me. I been dealing with the dribble when I cough at random times through the year and this was far the worst of it.

But I learned things happen beyond our control and we take it as it comes and learn to deal with it.

There are many reasons why this happens to us which you can find on many sites

Never be afraid to talk to your doctor they are there for you. My doctor has been so supportive since she took me on and it took awhile to warm up and open up to her but she’s made me feel comfortable enough to talk to about anything.

Talking to your friends is also helpful as you never know they may be experiencing the same issue and are afraid to speak about it due to humiliation.

Always remember you are never alone out there and self checkouts help make it more discreet if you feel embarrassed.

Using the CPPP model

You might be thinking what do these letters stand for; I learned this method from my social worker to make it easier for me too stay on task and keep up with my daily life schedules.

Clear- I get very anxious when instructions aren’t clear to me and therefore writing it down helps me get through each day.


  • People with TBI like myself have difficulty planning my day and scheduling appointments.
  • I have trouble with tasks that require multiple steps done in a particular order, such as laundry, cleaning or cooking.

What can be done to improve planning and organization?

  • I make a list of things that need to be done and when. List them in order of what should be done first.
  • Break down activities into smaller steps.
  • When figuring out what steps you need to do first to complete an activity, think of the end goal and work backwards.

Precise- I have had trouble being strict with myself in getting up in the mornings. I relied on my husband to get our kids up daily for school or cleaning house as I was in a lot of pain and exhausted at the time. Now I am doing the task of getting our kids up and ready for school as he is back to work. I make breakfast for all four of us then when they are on the bus I lay down to regain energy. Stay on task and be strict to yourself

Predictable- life as a mom can be very inconsistent hence why it’s important to plan accordingly like for example my son has adhd and of his routine isn’t the same daily then he gets very anxious and will be angry. So keeping a consistent life and staying on task is very important for our family due to his adhd and my brain injury

Remember you are not alone millions of people struggle with routines and brain injuries. Keep your head held high and keep on fighting the battle

15 minute tidy up

When your brain is clustered struggling trying to figure out a chore to do, focus on one small area at a time and set timer for 15 minutes and do as much as you can.

It helps by not overdoing it, focusing on one task at a time without getting overwhelmed.

It takes time to adjust too a new you but don’t give in and ignore the problem go for it and then reward yourself with a 15 minute nap if you feel exhausted. This is all part of retraining your brain for new routines.

I can do this

Keep repeating that to yourself, put on some tunes and tidy up



Wow, Christmas came and went fast. Christmas can be an overwhelming time of year for many people with brain injuries and fibromyalgia. It takes many strategies to overcome it.

Here are some strategies:

Planning ahead is very important for anyone that has to count using spoon theory. Make some time to relax and get a list of things you would like to get done.

Online Shopping is one of my favourites and it’s very easy and delivered right to your door avoiding to face the busy malls and stores. It also avoids the long line ups which puts you in pain and contributes to fatigue from being out in the cold weather.

Decorating is a big hit with our family. My kids got into the cheer with me putting up our tree and placing cute little ornaments on it. We put on some holiday favourites and danced and sang along it was fun. We also put some decorations on our front door and lights in the window adding it simple and easy to take down.

Christmas Dinner I chopped up the veggies while my husband prepared and cooked the turkey. Its an easy task.

With a little planning and simple ways it should help you manage easier throughout the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🥳

Stress affecting pain

Many people ask how does stress affect pain levels. There are many contributing factors that are involved as stress triggers, For example, one study compared 16 people with chronic back pain to a control group. It found that those with chronic pain had higher levels of cortisol (pubmed).

Another study showed that people with chronic pain had higher levels of cortisol in their hair, an indicator of prolonged stress (pubmed).

For myself I recently found out my cortisol levels were high, why is that? I have to see endocrinologist to further consult with about it, but what I learned is the pain my body feels at time triggers that cortisol hormone causing it to be abnormal numbers.

How can you cope?

  • Medication
  • Trigger point Injections
  • Psychotherapy
  • Pool therapy

Corinne Angell

Emotional Pain

It’s been almost four years since my accident and it’s been a long battle through the darkness.

I was a psw and a birth doula going through school as a medical office admin right before my accident. I was happy in everything I did. Happily married with our two young kids ages 4 and 9 months at the time. I was a newly mom again. Life was sacred. I enjoyed helping many families I served both as a doula and psw I loved it. Many seniors, young moms, I was happy in my careers. For quite a while after the accident, it took me along time to get through the hurt, anger, emotional and physical pain. I was angry, emotional and asked myself why did this happen so many times.

How have I gotten through this? I still don’t remember a lot of the in between memories since then, just in chunks as my memory has weakened over the last year. I have a brain injury, which makes things a little harder but we manage as a family. I am in counselling, psychotherapy, get lidocaine injections weekly for chronic pain it’s all helped me manage life easier. I still feel it all at times.

I am thankful God gave me a second chance to be able to live and watch my kids grow up. They are the apples of my eye. Without them, my husband and everyone I love, I wouldn’t be here today. ❤️

The day that changed my life

It was a beautiful sunny day in December 2015. I was a happy mother of two beautiful kids. They were 4 yrs and 9months old at the time. I was on my way home from meeting another birth doula about a client in need of support. I loved my volunteer work. Witnessing the miracle of life happen before my eyes. Capturing memories for moms. The roads were bare I was travelling at 90km and coming up to an 80km drop to the end of the fork that split the east and west bound lanes.

I was driving in westbound double lane when I noticed a Jeep veer towards my lane, she kept turning across from the right lane and was trying to make a uturn

I did not have time to stop and we collided. I don’t recall the impact very well other then noticing bruise on my left temples and seatbelt rash across my body. I felt wet from urine in my pants it was mortifying. I got out trying to cover it up, the lady came up to me asking if I was ok she’s sorry for doing something stupid. I went to the ambulance for paramedics to check me out and my vitals. I asked them if they had anything for me to wear as I was soaked from bladder loss I was so embarrassed and they reassured me it happens. They released me from the scene and the tow truck driver took me to the rental lot for a car and I met my in-laws there they drove me home. On the way home shooting pain ripped through my body I was in tears, I went to the hospital soon as I got back to the town.

They put me on a backboard and turned me back and forth checking my cervical for broken bones. Then sent me by ambulance to Stratford hospital. I was in so much pain and the bumpy ride did not help.

They hooked me up to iv and the smell of alcohol through it was awful, I felt a flushing sense like I wet myself again.

the ct showed soft tissues

They sent me home with Tylenol. That was the day it changed mine and my family’s life.